2 kommentarer på “Dag 8 i Peru. Bensin pumpe problem på BMW F800GS

  1. Hi Buddy
    I’m not a GS rider and do NOT have first hand experience. However, I have two close friends who ride GS’ and have had this issue. One is a writer for a nationwide motorcycle magazine, so I sort of trust him. This issue has a few fixes. I will send you the you tube link and you can look at it. Basically it is the simplest fix, but the part is several hundred dollars but is made specifically to fix this problem on the GS models. It basically FOOLS the sensors to adjust the temperature of that sensor that is not working correctly at different temperatures. You may notice this A LOT more at altitudes. IF you go this route you need to tell ALL mechanics that work on your bike that you have this module or they will always get false readings. I hope this helps. Love reading your stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wt_dk5wr2vQ

    • This will certainly work for cold weather etc. but in those cases where the gasoline gets hot because the fuel pump does not receive enough cooling, Will this then solve the problem?

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