3 kommentarer på “MC messen 2017 på Norges varemesse Lillestrøm

  1. Jarle you may not want the African Twin for the type of riding you do. It is very much geared more to the off-road portion of riding.. With that 21 inch front wheel and suspension geared for taking big bumps it may not be you best bet That 21 inch front wheel makes cornerning more difficult. I have driven one and there is a lot of power but you really feel that front end and strong suspension.. I love this bike myslef, but if I was going to pretty much stick to the road or gravel roads I’d look somewhere else. It is a beautiful bike. You can never go wrong with a V Strom.

    • After 85.000 km on my old BMW F800GS Trophy which also had 21″ front wheel, I hope that I’m familiar with this 🙂 How are you, Michael? Is the motorcycle season starting soon?

      • Other than the 21 inch front wheel it is an awesome bike all around. Even the 21 inch front is great if you are used to it . Really helps off road. I ride my motorcycle all year long. As long as there is no snow on hte roads. Though this year I have been pretty busy bulding my Tiny House. Only been out a few times. Today we are getting 30 cm of snow. So think I will stay inside 🙂

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