Border Crossing Mexico to Belize

I try to find information that can make border crossings easier on my trip and found Life Remotely. Here was plenty of useful information but I reproduces only the short version in respect for the great job they had done. So those who need more information should visit Life Remotely.

Mexico to Belize Border Crossing  

Border name: Santa Elena or simply Chetumal
Between cities: Subteniente López (Chetumal), Mexico and Santa Elena (Corozal), Belize
Cost for visas: $0
Cost for vehicle: $5 USD for fumigation, $23 USD for 2 weeks insurance
Total time: 45 minutes


The steps:

  1. Go to the Mexican immigration booth, hand in your tourist cards and have your passport stamped.
  2. Go to the Mexican Banjercito and have your Vehicle Import Permit cancelled and your vehicle deposit ($200-400) refunded.
  3. Drive over the bridge.
  1. Stop at the fumigation area to have your car sprayed.
  2. Park in the marked lot outside the immigration building.
  3. Go to the immigration counter and have your passports stamped or visas issued.
  4. Go to the customs counter, present your vehicle title and get an import permit.
  5. Go back to the car and drive through the gate, an official may inspect the contents of your vehicle, the VIN and the plates to make sure they match the permit.
  6. Go to the Insurance office and buy mandatory insurance for the duration of your stay in Belize.
  7. Put the insurance sticker on your car windshield.

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