Border Crossing Argentina to Chile at Los Libertadores

I try to find information that can make border crossings easier on my trip and found Life Remotely. Here was plenty of useful information but I reproduces only the short version in respect for the great job they had done. So those who need more information should visit Life Remotely.


Argentina to Chile at Los Libertadores: Border Crossing

Border name: Los Libertadores

Closest major cities: Mendoza, Argentina to Santiago, Chile
Cost for visas: $0
Cost for vehicle: $0
Total time: 1 hour 45 minutes

  1. Drive up the mountain pass and through the tunnel. Don’t stop at any of the random aduana buildings on the side of the road. These are for busses and trucks.
  2. Several kilometers on the other side of the tunnel there will be a big building over the road. This is immigration and aduana for both Chile and Argentina.
  3. Stop at the back of the auto line. Someone will approach your car and give you a paper for your car, and tourist cards and customs declarations for everyone in the vehicle. Fill out the papers while waiting in the line.
  4. When there is an open space in the parking lot, an attendant will instruct you to park.
  5. Take your completed papers inside the building and follow the numbers on the boards above the windows.
  6. Number 1 is Argentinian immigration. Hand over your passport and the tourist card you received when you entered. They will stamp you out and keep the tourist card. The will also stamp the vehicle permit paper you filled out while waiting.
  7. Window number 2, just to the left, is Chilean immigration. They will stamp your passport and take one copy of your Chilean tourist card you, the other copy is yours. They will also stamp the vehicle permit paper.
  8. Window number 3 is Argentinian aduana. They will take your Argentinian vehicle permit and stamp your Chilean vehicle permit.
  9. Window number 4 is Chilean aduana. They will take the vehicle permit paper you filled out at the beginning, explain to you that it is the wrong one, and give you a new, nearly identical form to fill out.
  10. Take the new vehicle import form around to window #2 and get another stamp. Keep the old vehicle permit paper (we needed this to exit).
  11. Return to Chilean aduana (window #4). The official will sign the form and send you outside.
  12. Outside, an aduana officer (in a red coat) will take your permit and verify your license plate. They will sign and stamp the paper.
  13. Find a food and agriculture inspector (in a green shirt with SAG embroidered on it).
  14. The inspector will ask for your customs declaration forms and may search your vehicle. They will likely use dogs. They will confiscate any illegal foods and will stamp your form.
  15. Drive out of the parking area. An official will stop you and check that your vehicle permit has been stamped sufficiently. You may have to present both of the vehicle import permit papers.

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