Hei Velkommen til min lille webside.

Her publiserer jeg reisebrev, info om mine motorsykler, skriver om mc klær og utsyr jeg bruker, og litt reklame for mitt firma Eek Adventure.

Klikk på kategorien over for å lese om det temaet du ønsker å lese om eller klikk på knappen for å følge bloggen. Forhåpentligvis kan andre gjøre nytte av mine erfaringer.

Jarle Eek

Min lengste tur er Pan American Highway som jeg gjennomførte i 2015 – 2016 . En reise på 55.000 km som startet i Prudhoe Bay, Alaska og endte i Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Jeg brukte 10 mnd og kartet viser hvilken rute jeg kjørte. Reisebrev fra turen kan leses her

Etter mange år bak kontorpulten startet jeg i 2017 et samarbeid med en turoperatør som arrangerer guidet motorsykkeltur. Det endte opp med 70.000 km på veien i perioden 2017-2019. Turene ble først og fremst gjennomført i USA men hadde også en tur til New Zealand. På kartet under vises i grove trekk reiseruten som ble gjennomført i 2018.

58 kommentarer på “Hei Velkommen til min lille webside.

  1. Imponerende tur! 🙂
    Hvordan sendte du sykkelen til Alaska? Båt? Fly? Hvilket shippingselskap? 🙂
    Har du hatt noen form for problemer med kriminalitet, korrupsjon eller andre ting som har vært ubehagelig?
    Kunne tenkt meg å gjort noe lignende, derfor jeg spør. Folk som ikke har vært i søramerika selv, tror og mener så mye rart, så like greit å spørre en som faktisk har vært der selv. 🙂
    Fortsatt god tur!

    • Jeg brukte Motofreight til å frakte sykkelen med fly fra London til Anchorage. Hjem fra Buenos Aires bruker jeg Dakar Motor. Korrupsjon er vanlig men for oss turister er det sjelden noe problem så sant du ikke roter deg bort i noe dumt. Mest vanlige kriminaliteten vi turister blir utsatt for er ran og kidnapping. Mexico, Honduras og Colombia er vell da muligens de mest utsatte områdene MEN når det er sagt er dette flotte land. Så det gjelder bare å ta noen forehåndsregler så går det som regel bra. Vi havnet i en situasjon som endte med sykehusopphold men det var det eneste i løpet av hele turen. Chile og Argentina er som å være i Europa.

    • Jarle-

      I have been looking through your trip to gain some insight for my upcoming trip. I will be heading from Florida (south of your friends house in Ocala) on a BMW R1200GS and will be finishing in Rio (now that the American associated visa restrictions have been lifted for the summer). My departure date is mid to late April. I have a couple of questions about the trip that I hope you would be willing to answer:

      – The Darien Gap, I saw that you made passage on the Stahlratte. Would you recommend this particular vessel? Did you need to book in advance? If so, how far? – What type of tread did you use on your tires (street or dirt). – How often did you camp on the roadside or was your tent just for emergencies? Any countries you would recommend not to camp in? – How often did you have range anxiety due to fuel issues? What is the longest run you had to endure between fuel stops? – What border crossing(s) did you have issues with? Were any borders insistent of proof of yellow fever vaccine? – What is the best piece of advice you could give? – What blogging site are you using? – When and what is your next big MC sojourn

      I appreciate your help. I apologize in advance if this information is in your blogs, I may have just missed or there was a Google Translate issue.. Anyway, thank you in advance.


      • 1: Yes I would recommend Stahlratte. They have years of experience, and fixes all the paperwork for you in Panama and Colombia.

        2: Yes.

        3: I booked about 1 month before. Stahlratte can maximum carrying about 20 motorcycles.

        4: Heidenau K60 Scout

        5: I camp in Alaska, Canada and in the lower 48. In Central America and South America, I stayed at a hotel / motel / hostel. I sent my tent home from Costa Rica.

        6: No, I would not make any recommendations regarding. where not to camp. But I can say that in Chile it is very normal to camp.

        7: It depends on which roads you ride. But be sure you can ride at least 400-500 km. In Mexico and Central America, it is normal to buy gasoline of ordinary people living in rural areas so there is no crisis.

        8: I had no problems with any border crossing, but I had good advantage of the preparation I had done. On the blog you will find all the information you need to all border crossings. Try to be there in the morning before the buses arrive. Calculate 3 hours. Sometimes you’ll spend less time.

        9: The best advice? It’s not easy, but ……..
        Take your time. I spent 107 days through Setral America and think this was too fast. Do not ride more than 200-250 kilometers per. day. Be carefull, BUT not believe that everyone around you is bad guys. 99% of all people are kind and nice people.

        10: I use WordPress.

        11: I do not know when my next big trip will be. I have several tours that are on the list, but it’s too early to say when and where the next trip will be.

        You will find answers to many of your questions on my blog, but I understand that there is a problem when I write in Norwegian. Hope you have a wonderful trip, and enjoy your preparations. Do not have too many plans. Take things as they come.

  2. Jarle-

    Not sure where you are currently at as your last post was over a month ago. I stumbled across your page during my research for my South American motorcycle odyssey. I noticed you are gong to be in Florida soon, I assume you are planning a stop by Bike Week, if so, I would like to hook up with you so I can pick your brain a little bit. I have been through 49 of the 50 states, and lived in many of them, so I may be of some help to you too. Please Iet me know if you are interested.


    • I do not know if you posted this to the right person?
      I’m updating my blog almost every day (when I am traveling) and is currently about 1,300 km (800 miles) south of Buenos Aires. I was at Daytona Bike week in 2013 but will not be there this year.

      • Thanks for the response. Right guy, wrong trip. I figured that out after I hit the «send» button. I entered your blog through a search for the location of the Bolivian border crossing. Coming in your blog in the middle kind of confused me. Well have a good trip, still gonna follow ya as I admire your ride.

  3. Hi! We met this morning in Huaraz. I have the klr650. I forgot to tell you that i’m planning to drive on thursday south to Ayacucho. If travelling together fits you contact me on my email. Good luck!

    • I am in Chimbote now.
      Ride south tomorrow.
      Want to see the Nazca Lines on Friday or Saturday.
      I’m not in Ayacucho before Saturday or Sunday

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